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Bikini model dressing

Bikini model dressing

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Related article: Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 14:25:17 EDT From: Subject: Charles and Carlos MeetCharles and Carlos Meet Part 1: "Damn," I muttered as I reached the subway platform. Bordering on being late to work, again I watched the train pulled away. Even remembering the classic movie symbolism as it disappeared into the tunnel failed to lift my spirits. Looking at my watch I saw I'd be OK if the next one came quickly. But that was always an iffy proposition. I walked to my usual position at the far end of the platform. The train always stops roughly the same point at all stations so I either walk the length from the entrance going in or to the exit coming out. When the subway comes while I'm walking I grab the nearest car. Anyway, it's one of those wet, chilly late spring days during a spell where you wonder if spring will model updating ever return much less summer. vanessa child model The outside gloom permeated the depths and nobody is smiling. Which considering how pissed my boss is going to be suits me fine. Twenty feet from my spot I see feet coming fast down the staircase from the other side of the street. Next came legs, bare boy legs. How could a parent let their kid out dressed like that on a day like this? He hugged the rail as dungarees ripped off right above the knees came into view followed by a gray t-shirt with a navy strip around the neck. At the bottom he spun and ducked under the stairs. The glimpse showed a boy with naturally light brown skin, medium black hair slicked back and wet from the rain. The shirt was dirty and ripped. Shorts held in place with rope. Even from that distance the boy's face stood out. A naturally beautiful face distorted by fear and despair. I approached slowly, making sure to stay out of arm's reach while not falling onto the tracks. When I passed the bottom of the stairs I heard him shuffle even further back. I took a long quick step and saw him pressed against the stairs and cowering into a ball. I stopped at held my hands by my sides with the palms out, like you do with a dog to show no intention to hurt. Unlike a dog the boy didn't come out to sniff my hand. This closer look showed that even now he was a handsome young boy. Looking anywhere from ten to twelve and still pakistani models a boy despite whatever drove him to his current mental state. "You ok kid? Somebody after you?" "I got nothing mister, don't hurt me. Please!" "I can see that, and I want to help you not hurt you." Despite my words and tone he looked around for a way out. "Please don't run," I said. "Promise you won't hurt me?" his voice was barely audible with all the background noise. I crossed my heart. "Why?" "You look like you need some help and this can be a dangerous city, especially down here." A slight nod, progress. For the first time he looked right at me, studying me. "My name's Charlie. What's yours?" "Carlos." "Well Carlos, is somebody after you?" A shake, a shrug. "Don't know any more." "I think you're safe right now. If anybody was on your tail child model miniskirt they'd been here." He rubbed his rear and I wondered how close to lesbian bikini models his tail someone had come. Realizing what he was doing Carlos yanked his hand away and blushed. The express train pulled in behind me. I held my hand out. "Come on, let's go before I'm really late for work." "You can take me to work?" "No, but I've got to get there fast. It'll also give me time to think of something and get you out of here before whoever's chasing you figures you came down here." We jumped on right as the doors were closing. I glanced at my watch and grinned. Without any more delays I'd be on time for work. I thought as we rode the thirty blocks to my stop. I could hide Carlos in my apartment without any problem; it was getting him there. But was that really a problem? Just give him the address and the entrance and alarm codes, stick him in a cab with enough money and orders to bathe. The issue was trust. Was he for real or had I fallen for a scam. Even if he was for real were his demons watching us even now? "What's your last name Carlos?" "Rivera." "Listen closely, you live with tween bikini models your single mother." "My mother's dead, I think." "I'm sorry, but this is the story I'm going to use when we get to the office. Do you understand?" "Oh, ok." "What was your mother's name?" I asked. "Lucia." "Well, this morning right before I left for work this morning your mother rang my doorbell. Your grandmother, her mother, who is in the hospital with lung cancer took a turn for the worse and she had to run out there and had no place to leave you. I said I'd watch you but couldn't leave you in the apartment alone and since you didn't have a key I had to bring you along dressed like this." Carlos looked me up and down. "Would a boy dressed and smelling like this live in your building and why wouldn't she just send me off to school?" "I thought you were smart, at least street smart. What's your idea?" "The truth?" "You want to end up in juvie or stuck in the system someplace?" Carlos shuddered. "I'm your sister's adopted son whose plane was delayed and we've come straight from the airport?" "Luggage?" "Locker at airport, we've got to go back after work." "So you'll sit quietly in my office all day?" "They won't find me there." "My cousin's adopted kid anyway, I'm an nudist nude models only child and everybody knows that. Her name is Ellen Horsman, your father is Edgar and you're their only child." "Carlos Horsman from?" "Ventura, teenkellymodel California, northwest part of Los Angeles." "My parents were migrant workers, got killed in farm accident." "Remember to sniffle." For the first time he laughed and his face brightened. We reached my stop and got off. His eyes darted around and he looked ready to bolt but I grabbed his hand. "Now I know what you've heard about New York City Carlos but you're safe with me. Just relax, and my last name's Kaufman. Just then two conflicting sounds came from my cell phone. I answered the incoming call first. "Charles," I said. "Where the hell you've been the last ten minutes?" my boss said. "Subway, just heading up the stairs. Be there in ten." "Turn around the way you came, your meeting for tomorrow's been moved up to one hour from now. I already sent your files along with John. Now move it." He hung little model ru up and I hit the disconnect and then checked the two voicemail messages which were repeats. "Turn around, change of plans. I've got to be downtown in an hour, which should just work out." "Office one thing, you can't take me to meeting," Carlos said. The disappointment and fear was palatable. "True, but we go back to where we got on and we're two blocks from my apartment. I get you in there and while you're cleaning up I go to the meeting. I'll stop by for lunch before going to the office." "You trust me in your home?" "Can I?" He nodded vigorously. Fortunately the doorman was away from his post and I got my guest into the apartment without being seen. I showed him around and was amused at his amazement. After teaching him how to use the remote I picked up some extra notes for the meeting and took off. Made it with five minutes to spare. modello fattura xls Then they were thirty late. There was silence in the apartment when I got back three hours later and I got concerned when he didn't answer my call. The living and dining rooms were fine. In fact a little neater than I remembered. Then came the kitchen. It looked like somebody had cooked kid nude models for twelve and they'd all eaten in the kitchen. The only thing left in my refrigerator was a bottle of beer, and there'd been three to begin porn supermodel with. I grabbed a dirty carving knife and headed further back. Bathroom and guest rooms were empty. I slid into my bedroom and had to suppress a laugh, sigh of relief and a shout of anger. An immensely cleaner Carlos was snoring buck-naked on my bed. His smooth ass bobbing up and down with each breath. I left him a note on the bedroom door and headed back to work. The post meeting meeting took longer than the meeting. Naturally my boss had to try and rip me a new asshole even though I'd closed the fifty million contract with a new customer. At five-thirty his secretary walked in, handed him two envelopes and said goodnight. He tossed one to John and one to me. "Congratulations boys, did a great job on this one. There's a bonus check for each one of you and take the rest of the week off. Want to see you Monday with your next potential score." "Thanks Alan," we said together, grabbed our envelopes and moved out fast before he changed his mind. Neither of us caring in our shock that since it was Thursday he'd only given us one day off. We hit the bar across the street for a celebratory beer, hit the ATM to deposit our checks then headed home. Remembered Carlos. I thought about a cab but with rush hour traffic the express subway was at least as fast. Got lucky and hit the turnstile as one was pulling in and slid through the doors in plenty of time. I leaned against a pole and started thinking what I'd need for him. My t-shirts were big enough for him to wear around the apartment but needed more and better than what he'd been wearing outside. And food, obviously lots of food. I hurried the two blocks to my apartment and up the elevator. I took a deep breath at my door, felt like I was knocking at a first date's door for heaven's sake, enter the code and walked in. Carlos was huddled under a blanket on the couch under the window. I heard the sobs and ran over. I sat at his feet and pulled a still naked boy teen model nackt into my arms and hugged him tight. "It's ok Carlos, I'm home, I'm here. You're safe." He opened his eyes and looked at me. Fear filled his eyes followed by confusion and a range of emotions ran through him, none pleasant. Didn't know what to say so just resisted his efforts to break pre models xxx my hold. "Calm down Carlos, it's all right, your safe here." "How do you know I'm safe? You don't know shit and where the fuck have you been. You said you'd be back after your meeting." I sat him on my lap but didn't let him go. "I came back but you were sleeping. Left you a note on the bedroom door. Didn't you see it?" "Saw paper flapping but couldn't read it," he groused. Couldn't help it, started chuckling. He was right of course. Out of pure habit I'd taped it at eye level, my eyes not his, which were almost two feet lower. Standing with him in my arms I carried him to the bedroom door and showed him the note. Hi Carlos; You were sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake you. I'll be back after work. Your friend, Charles. "I'm sorry," he said, "it was late and I got scared. Didn't know if you were coming back, when, or those other men." "I'm sorry it took so long but my boss gave me tomorrow off because the meeting went so well so we'll be together." "Until Monday morning. Then I'll have to leave," Carlos said flatly. As my stomach twisted I put a comic fright look on my face and turned us around and around. "Who said that? Who said that? Careful boy there's somebody else here saying silly things." Amazingly it worked and he started giggling, the first real joy I'd heard from him. He looked me in the eye and I knew his question. I nodded and smiled and he hugged me tight. Felt tears running down my neck and mine quickly followed. Tears of joy for both of us. Part 2: Suddenly I found his lips on mine, kissing me, his tongue trying to gain entrance. Stunned I broke the kiss. "I thought," he said. "Only reason was I wanted to have sex with you?" Carlos started to nod his head but stopped and looked at me. I stayed quiet and returned his gaze as he rethought his answer. "Was going to say yes, still think its part of it but not only reason. I think you really want to help me. Don't understand though." My mind flew back to twenty-four year old memories, when I was about Carlos' age, maybe a bit more. Certainly bigger then he was the summer I turned fourteen. I was born on the fourth of July and every year my parents combined my birthday party with a big family barbecue followed by a trip to the towns fireworks display. In the year 1978 the fireworks in my backyard that night far outstripped anything we'd seen earlier. Bobby O'Brien was my best friend, had been for years. That school year we'd gone through puberty and discovered the joys of beating off together. My parents let us set up the tent in the backyard so we could have some fun. They just never expected the kind of fun that developed. It was a warm dry night so even though the tent was up we'd put the sleeping bags behind the tent and we're sitting on them in our briefs. We talked about summer plans and the future. He wanted to be a test pilot despite wearing coke bottle glasses. I just wanted to have my own store, didn't know what I'd sell just be lot friendlier to kids than any store owner I dealt with. The conversation turned as it always did to sex and jerking off and pretty soon we were naked and playing with ourselves. I made the first move and replaced his hand with mine. Wasn't near the first time for that so his hand quickly replaced mine. It was always something special when we did that. A special closeness between us, a special feeling in our cocks. "Charlie, I want to do something special for your birthday," Bobby said out of the blue. "What?" He took his hand off my cock and in disbelief I watched as he lowered his open mouth over my cock. "Bobby, oh Bobby," I moaned and lay back as he closed his mouth over my organ. Slowly he started moving pakistani models his head up and down. We'd talked about blowjobs, Bobby's big brother had even let us watch an old 8mm film of a lady giving one to a man. Now here was my best friend in the world giving one to me and it was better than I'd ever imagined. I felt my load getting ready to teen model heels shoot and I warned Bobby but he just sped up and before I could say anything else I shot my load into his mouth. He swallowed most of it but some dripped out. When he brought his smiling face up I leaned forward and licked it clean until our lips met and we started kissing. "That was great, so wow man." "Yeah, felt so good having your cock in my mouth," Bobby said. "Your turn," I said without thinking. We kissed again and kid nude models he lay back while I shifted position. Started by licking his shaft till it was hard and glistening and then I slowly inhaled it. As good as his cock felt in my hands adolescent model nude it tasted even better. I rolled my tongue around it and he screamed in joy. I started bobbing up and down and felt him growing and beginning to throb. "I'm cumming, shit I'm cumming," Bobby shouted. "What the hell are you two doing?" my father screamed even louder. Bobby and I jumped and he ended up shooting most of his load all over my face. My father kept screaming and we jumped into each other's arms in fright, which set him to a higher level, which brought my mother out. What young models myusenet he was saying I had and have no idea. Mom settled him down a little bit and I thought we might be safe. "Marge, go call this pervert's parents and have them get it out of here. Tell them to keep this faggot away from our son." My teen model beatriz mother ran to the house. "I always knew you were trouble faggot. Stay that way till your parents get here." He reached down and ripped Bobby from my arms and onto the tent collapsing it. "Dad stop, don't hurt him," I yelled at my father for the first time in my life. He turned and slapped both sides of my face with the back of his hand and I saw stars. "Bastard," I heard Bobby shout then heard two thumps. Which I later found out was his jumping on my father's back and then being dumped onto the ground from my father's six foot four inch height. Bobby didn't move as my father leaned down and hit me twice again. He was bringing his foot back when Bobby's father tackled him. teen model beatriz They landed on top of me knocking me out and the next thing I knew I was being loaded into an ambulance with Bobby on the other side. We spent the night in the hospital; father spent it in jail. Actually he spent six months in jail after Bobby's father pressed charges. By the time he was out I was living with Bobby. Lips on mine brought me back to reality. "You go someplace?" Carlos asked. I nodded, "to a time and place I'll tell you about one day. Right now all you need to know is that it's why I'm willing to turn my life upside down to have you in it. And as far as you and I having sex goes it is up to you. I will never force you to have sex with me or anybody. Understand?" He shook his head. "Not that I don't believe, but don't understand." I smiled at him and pecked his lips. "Believe is more important." This time I let his tongue in as I carried him back to the living room. As I lowered us onto the couch two stomachs rumbled in unison and we laughed. "What do you want delivered, Chinese or Pizza?" "Pizza, with pepperoni and sausage." I hit the speed dial and my pre models xxx favorite pizzeria picked up. "Hey Chuck, want the usual?" Armando asked. He's got caller I.D., I'm a creature of habit. I hate the Chuck first time models but he's got the best pizza for blocks lesbian bikini models and blocks. "Yep, but need second large, pepperoni and sausage. Need it delivered too. Large cold bottle of coke too." "No prob, twenty ok?" he hung up before I answered. "Two pies? You must be hungry," Carlos said. "I saw what you did to my refrigerator, unless you hate green peppers and russian adult model onions I'll be lucky to get two slices." "I promise you three. Hope you don't mind, but I hadn't had anything really to eat in a couple of days." I thought about the missing beers but decided to 14yo model let it slide for now. "Now we've got to get you into some clothes before food gets here." "My stuff is in bathtub drying, rinsed them out." "Let's see if I've got anything that'll work. Tomorrow we'll go clothes shopping." By the time delivery boy got to my apartment Carlos was in a pair of my old gym shorts with the drawstring pulled tight, very tight. Of modello fattura xls course with one of my polo shirts on he could have been naked and nobody would have noticed unless he flashed them. And knowing Tino, Armando's 16yo son and delivery boy, as well as I do he fantasized all the way back to the store. I got four slices. After supper we went to the living room, turned on the wide screen TV and cuddled. Carlos kept my, his clothes on which was fine by me. I was more occupied by the questions running through my mind about him than teenkellymodel anything that might happen in bed. When Smackdown ended on UPN he turned the set off and turned to face me. "Charlie I know you have lots of questions. I know I have to answer them so you can help me. I mini model tgp hope you really want to." "I do," I said quickly. "I hope you really want to after I tell you what I can. But please, tomorrow, today has been so good I don't want to think. Is that ok?" "Yes that's fine. Only question that needs answering tonight is do you sleep in your bed or mine." "Yours, can't cuddle in separate beds," he said and yawned broadly. He was sitting naked on the edge of my bed when I walked out of the bathroom in my briefs. He held his arms out. I took them and lifted him into my arms. "I love you Charlie," he said. "That's good because I love you." We kissed and I slowly lowered us onto the bed without breaking the kiss. I lay him down and started feeling his chest. "Let me know if I do something you don't want to do." He smiled, "it's ok, I know you won't hurt me." Struggling to hold back the tears those words meant I gently stroked his front, avoiding his crotch as I sucked on his tiny nipples. Teasing them with my tongue to get them erect. He moaned and cupped his hairless balls in my hand and gently played with them as I began to lick down his naturally smooth chest. When I reached his crotch I looked at him and he nodded. His penis was now a rock hard four inches of uncut glory. I rolled the foreskin out of the way and began licking the head. Slowly I sucked it into my mouth. "Oh Charlie, is this the way it's supposed to feel?" I pulled off, looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Yep yep." "Yep yep," he sighed as I took him in my mouth again. I kept it slow, wanting him to enjoy what was probably his first real lovemaking experience. An experience I was enjoying as well. He tasted, felt, smelt even sounded so good. He started thrusting in and out of my mouth and little model ru his cock started twitching." "I'm cumming Charlie, oh shit I'm cumming," he said and then a thick string of cum flowed in my mouth followed by two smaller ones. He collapsed back on the bed with a huge smile on his face as I licked him clean. "Guess you enjoyed," I said, "so did I." "Why was this so much better?" "Because it was the first time you wanted to?" He nodded, rolled tween bikini models over and was asleep before his cheek hit the pillow. Part 3: I covered him with an afghan my grandmother made years ago and slipped under the blanket on the other side of the king size bed. I was hard if not harder than I'd ever been and it took all of three strokes to coat my chest. I lay there for a moment before pulling the blanket up. Realized I was at peace with myself and everything that happened during the day. Including the blowjob I'd given Carlos. I turned over and fell asleep. Sometime during the night I sensed this small warmth against my front and put my arm around it. When I woke Carlos was there nestled against my chest. "Hi there," I said. "Hi, can you let go of me? I've got to piss bad." Moved my arm an inch and he was gone. I followed his cute butt with my eyes until he closed the bathroom kid pantyhose model door. Was waiting for my turn when he came out He sniffed at my belly and looked up. "You could have woken me and I'd have blown you." Smiled down, "you were out so fast never thought of that. Besides, maybe there'll be other times when we're both awake and both feel like it." "Both?" he said. I kneeled down to his eye level. "Look Carlos, first we'll get some breakfast, get you some new clothes and then we'll have our talk but there are two things I'm going to tell you now. First, I told you last night I will never ever force you to have sex and I meant it. If you don't want to do it at all that's csm models nudist fine with me. If there's something you don't want to do we won't do it." A smile started across his face as this strange concept, sunk in. "The second is I will never kick you out of here, this is your home now if I have anything to do about it." Carlos' smile spread but he quickly shook his head. "I feel things for you too Charlie that surfer boy models I don't understand or remember. But if you want to break your promise after you hear my story you can." I started to tell him never but he reached up and covered my mouth. Realized this was important to him so I nodded. Spring had returned after a several day vacation so there wasn't any problem in his wearing top russain models his old clothes except for the fact they looked like really old clothes. We inhaled breakfast and headed to the nearest Gap and a sporting goods store. Carlos knew exactly what he wanted and didn't take much prodding to get what he wanted. Only argument we had was over footwear and underwear. On the first we compromised and got sandals, Carlos, and sneakers, me. On underwear I ended up throwing a package in and told them they were for when I said he had to and he could continue hanging loose the rest of the time. What really amazed me the three hours we were out on a school day was nobody even wondered why Carlos wasn't in school and was with a man who was as white as he was Hispanic. But at least for that day I was grateful for big city indifference. We stopped at BK for lunch and then back to the apartment. I insisted he put his new clothes away in what I called youngest models black his bedroom and which he called the other room. When he came out he was naked but carrying a pair green gym shorts and a Nets' t-shirt as he padded over in bare feet to the couch where I sat waiting. He stood in front pre models xxx of me with his back to me. "Look, touch, even my ass. Then I'll dress and tell you my story," Carlos stated. There weren't any bruises or huge scars that I hadn't seen the night before but it didn't cause eye strain to see the small scars, faded welts, and healed collar bone and other violations. Took a deep breath and spread his cheeks apart. Bile rose in my throat as I looked at his ravaged anus. It was stretched, scared, still bloody scabs. Couldn't tell if he'd been raped by the world's biggest cock, the fat end of a baseball bat...or both together. I felt him shaking beneath my trembling arms and pulled him into my arms, turned him around and kissed him full on the lips. kid nude models He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. "It doesn't matter to me what they did to you or you did because you had to to live. I know you didn't want to or liked what happened." "Hated it, had to, hated it, they made me feel so, so," Carlos broke down and cried. Hugged him to my chest and cried along with him. As we dried our eyes several minutes later a part of me said skip the talk but knew I needed to know and he needed to tell me. As he slipped his new clothes on I went to the kitchen and brought back two cans of soda. He looked kid nude models at the can and then at me and back again. "After, when we're finished if you want it you can have the beer. I may need something stronger." Carlos nodded, "OK, I may want stronger too. Won't be first time." We sat on the couch facing each other. He took vladmodels 100 a long sip followed by a deep breath. "My name is Carlos Rivera, I was born up in the Barrio on March 15, 1988, so I'm fourteen. Don't know who my father is, don't think my mother did either. She was a crack head whore who was trying to quit when I was conceived and she managed to stay off till I was born a month early. She dumped me at her parents' house the next day and took off. Every once in a while she'd come around but it was never good between her and my grandparents. Last time I saw her was my ninth birthday. Looked like shit so don't know if she's dead or teen model scouts just," he shrugged. "I had an uncle only ten years older than me and when I started sleeping through the night they put my crib in his room. Slept in his room and it was his room, never mine, never ours. Outside of the clothes in my dresser couldn't have nothing in there of mine. Grandma wouldn't let me leave anything anyplace else so I ended up with nothing. Grandpa and grandma took care of me, clothed, fed, ginger nn model made sure I went to vintage teen model school once I was old enough but never any love. Uncle top russain models Jamie showed me love though. Rather he taught me how to make love to him. By the time I was four could swallow his cock. For my sixth birthday he fucked me and said I should be glad nude feen models he waited so long." "Bastard," 14yo model I said. "Times I heard grandpa tell grandma he thought he was a bastard. Grandma would lia model toplist say maybe that's why he's the only smart one of her children. Knew Jamie heard the fighting too. Kept using me, loved his little slut with the small tight ass. Loved me so much brought his friends around to young models myusenet share his toy with. Couple times Grandpa made me suck him off. Made may not be right word, wasn't really rape just my role in the house. "Tenth birthday came and went, Jamie brought ten of his friends over for the party, and I accepted mom was out of my life. About that time some kids in school found out so I started spending lunch in the boy's room sucking young cocks, some teachers too," Carlos stopped and took a pull of his soda. I quickly wiped my eyes and took a sip of mine only to find it empty. On unsteady legs Carlos walked to the kitchen and returned with two fresh cans of soda. He sat across from me on the couch and looked me in the eyes until I nodded. "Go ahead, and nothing you've said has changed my mind about anything," I whispered. "Jamie gotten involved with a gang, the Panthers, that was robbing and dealing drugs and stopped going to school. These were the guys who were fucking me and they decided they could use me for more than a fuck russian adult model toy." "Mule?" Carlos nodded, "That and helping with break-ins and other stuff. Got me a pager that vibrated when they needed me and I had to get out of school or wherever and to them as soon as I could even if it meant just picking up in the middle of class." "Teacher didn't care you disappearing?" "Never good student and getting worse so they just wrote another loser off. More time for few who cared. That's the way it went to the end of the school year and during the summer became full time job. Never went back to school. Got hundred a week and all the butt fuckings I could handle. If I messed up came the whippings and the bat up the ass. Sometimes got that just for hell of it." "Cops, truant officers didn't care or notice you running around all day and night?" Carlos snorted, "Truant ginger nn model officers were too scared to go up there and the cops alternated between being brought off and mediating between the Latino gangs and pushers from the barrio and animals from the heights. Every once in a while each group would have to sacrifice a member to the justice system. Do couple years for robbery or car teen model heels theft and back out, nothing that would send you away for long time and nobody under fourteen. We were to valuable." "We?" "My gang was me and homeless boy couple years younger who had same deal but slept in the clubhouse. Any time two of us there we were naked and available. All gangs had at least two pussy mules though very few used girls. Last year during election Mayor Clueless decided to clean up the drug problem up there and ordered arrest sweeps." "You get picked up?" "No way, poor innocent little boy?" he laughed and I joined in. He took another slug of his soda and looked me in the eyes. "Go on," I said and reached out to squeeze his hand. He started to flinch but stopped. "I told you, I'm not going to hurt you and I meant it." "I know, got to give me time though. It's been a long time since anybody cared." For the first time he really started to cry. I pulled him into my arms, hugged him to my chest, his head next to mine. Our tears flowing together. Carlos was crying the pain out while I cried to understand it. He cried himself to sleep but I just kept him in my arms. I closed my eyes and drifted off. Sometime later, it was dark outside, a little bundle started moving in my arms and I opened my eyes again. "Hi there," I said. Carlos snuggled in tighter. "How you doing?" I said and kissed the top of his head. "Better, of course now you're adding crybaby." I covered his mouth with mine. The kiss was brief but firm. "You need to tell story, I need to know it and as you tell story you're feeling emotions, some for first time. Am I right?" Carlos nodded. "Including good feeling being here with you. Part of why started crying." "Yep yep." "Can we go out to eat and finish story tomorrow?" "Oh yes, we finish this we'll both have nightmares tonight." He laughed, a real laugh that felt so good. We went out to local steak house and I ended up introducing Carlos as my cousin's kid who was going to live with me for a little bit till his folks got things settled between them. They fell in love with Carlos and when he inhaled his prime rib they brought him a jumbo burger deluxe on the house. Again nobody questioned this mysterious relative they'd never seen or heard of. Best part was beginning to see him relax in his new surroundings. Despite being an urchin he could speak clearly and cleanly, something my real cousin's kids in the suburbs haven't managed. On the way home we stopped at the local Blockbusters and he picked up a copy of "Shrek" which surprised me. "Hey Uncle, I'm fourteen, couldn't go see it with my friends at home. Wouldn't be cool, he said. "No problem, just expected something more like "I know what you did last summer." "Yuck, don't like those horror movies. Besides for me they're more funny than scary." Didn't know what to say to that so I ran my fingers through his hair. "Uncle, please not in public," said a typical fourteen-year-old. "Sorry, got to get used to you not being a baby any more." We watched the movie and headed to my bedroom. "It's my turn tonight," Carlos said when we were both naked in bed. We moved from kissing to tongue dancing to good old- fashioned tonsil hockey. Finally we came up for air. "Carlos, I want to have sex with you but only if you want to, not because you...oh shit," I ended when his hot mouth engulfed my hard cut six inches. Never in my life has anybody of any age or sex taken me whole that quickly. vladmodels 100 I lay down and let his magical experienced body take over. little model ru Reached down and stroked his long black hair. He grinned around my throbbing cock in appreciation. After the third time he'd brought me to the brink and stopped he pulled off and squatted over my face. nude feen models I started rimming him. "I know what you were going to say," Carlos said as he squatted lower so I could tongue fuck him. "Bet you even meant it but I want to do this. Part is that I youngest models black want to thank you and show I appreciate everything and this is the way I know how. Just thank you wouldn't be enough, at least for me. lollita nn models I think there are other feelings too, can't explain those. Now where's the rubbers so you can fuck my ass." It would be nice to say that I said no, said he didn't have to thank me that way. All that noble stuff. I motioned with top russain models my hand and he slid over and got a package out of the night table, ripped it open and slid the sheath on me. After lubing it with his tongue he stood, turned and lowered his moist hole and my still hard cock slipped in easily. Carlos started slowly going up and down on my cock. The whole experience was breathtaking. The first surprise was how tight his ass was after all the fucking and abuse. I'm no twelve-inch thick hard monster much less a baseball bat but he had control of his sphincter and anal muscles and kept a tight grip on my leaking rod. I took hold of his bikini model dressing cock and began stroking it in time with his fucking. "Oh Charles, nobodies done that before," Carlos moaned as his cock hardened and began leaking. Without pulling out I put him on his back and started stroking hard as he began working on his own cock. The look on his face told me all I wanted to know. The little boy attached to my cock might not understand or even really know the feelings he was having but I could. Joy, lust, ecstasy flowing in and between us. Carlos shot his load with a silent scream and the contraction of his butt sent me over the top. I pulled Carlos' lips to mine and we kissed, a gentle loving kiss. Part 4 I'm not sure which of us slept worse that night. Probably me because not only did pakistani models I have my own nightmares but also because of Carlos' screams and bouncing around I got a good sense of his own. With lollita nn models the advent of dawn the demons left us and it was almost eleven when a warm body woke me. My eyes opened and a naked Carlos was lying on top of my equally naked body staring into my eyes. I smiled and looked into his. No sexual desire or questions. Instead there was growing relief. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his cheeks. He moved his head into my shoulder and while the expected tears didn't come I felt tension and worry flow out. "Surprised?" I said. He nodded. "Happy?" Another nod. "Both?" Vigorous nodding. "Can you talk?" Shake of the head followed by giggles. "What you want to do today?" "Piss, eat, story, get dressed, movie or something fun," Carlos said. "Cool, now get going." "K, remember no clothes till after story." "Fine, now get going before I wet the bed," I said. "I can drink it if you want," Carlos said like it was nothing. Slapped his firm butt, "Move it." He moved. Cheese omelets, rye toast and orange lollita nn models juice later we were back on the couch. Because mine is the only apartment building this tall for blocks around I didn't object when Carlos opened the shades. Sun caressed his naturally light brown skin as he shook his shiny black hair. "Where did we stop?" Carlos asked. "Where do you want to start?" Carlos nodded and thought a bit. "I told you about the usual election cleanup the Barrio but things pretty much went on unchanged. Cops and dealers making too much money to change things." "I little model ru thought Mayor Cloverdeal set up special police task force." "Brought outside cops in so our friends told all the gangs we had to sacrifice some people. Jamie was the first to go from our gang. Got picked up with pound of crack." "More than enough for intent to distribute and with his other minor convictions looking at least fifteen." Carlos nodded, "I was still living at home and heard grandparents talking to lawyer. District Attorney was offering five years if he talked and testified. Lawyer said he thought could do better. Grandma started crying. Grandpa told lawyer make deal and he'd make sure his no good bastard son would cooperate. "Went upstairs and got cell phone Tomas had given me and reported what happened. Two days later Jamie was killed in a prison fight. After everybody had gone home after funeral Grandpa told me to change because he had an errand for me. Came back down and he beat me up then threw me out the front door and told me never to come back. I tween bikini models picked myself up, pissed on the steps and walked pakistani models to the clubhouse, stripped without even thinking about it and fell asleep on the floor." Carlos fell silent but I didn't know what to say. Instead I took his hand and kissed it. A small smile emerged. One I gladly returned. "At first everybody treated me like hero. Tomas even let me fuck Chico, the younger homeless boy whenever I wanted. Only did it couple times. Didn't really like to but had to appear like a strong faggot. Right after election task force disappeared and things teen model beatriz went back to way had been. Except now I didn't have Jamie to protect me and was teen model nackt homeless like Chico. "The gangs united for big party and the mules were tied and any gang member could use whoever they wanted. Blacks went after my ass fast. First guy said he was doing me favor when he csm models nudist fucked me hard and fast with his ten hard inches. When the next guy showed me his soft ten I knew the first was right. When they got tired of fucking us they stuffed a bat handle up our asses so no cum could escape. Then the whips came out." "Didn't anybody hear or nobody cared?" "Basement of abandoned factory in area only homeless might hear and they knew better. Don't know how long party lasted but every once in a while I'd get a cock down my throat or up my ass or some more whipping. If fucking bat went right back when they were done. Something happened to Chico that night, never saw him again." I held up my hand to stop him. Carlos stopped; his body sagged as he turned away. I reached over and forced him to look at me." "Knew you'd hate me. I'll get old clothes and leave." "I don't hate you. I hate the monsters who made you do, no did those things to you. Chico probably wasn't only boy to die or get sold then or other times. I stopped you because I couldn't take listening to more of that," I stopped and shook. This time Carlos kissed my hand. I smiled and nodded. "After party it was back to work. Making deliveries and pickups. Help with break-ins and other shit. Then about two weeks ago disaster hit. Tomas and Tommy Ray, the Lion's leader along with being coon with that huge cock, were talking about crossing lines and going in together, at least on buying and turf protection." "How did you know about that? Would have been secret." "From regular members lesbian bikini models yes, but who tween bikini models thinks of faggot mule huddling in the corner by the heater." "Not two dumb idiots," I said with a smile and got one back. He first time models turned around and looked out over the city. It was a view I loved. Sensed that Carlos didn't want to share it with me right then so I settled for looking at his delectable ass. Wondered how many different cocks, forget how many times, had made the trip I'd made last night. Stilled a shudder wondering how many STDs were inside him. Grateful he'd insisted on the condom. "They'd been contacted by new source with offer for big buy for good price. Couple tests and small purchases they were ready for the big buy," Carlos resumed in a flatter, harder voice without turning around. I turned to look at him in profile and reached out to stroke his back. Try and relax him a bit. Got a quick shake of the head at first touch so I sat back. "Week before the buy I got picked up by a new cop in the area. I had Rolex on one wrist, big gold cross from sold gold chain around neck and couple pounds weed." "Holy shit." "Almost did shit in my pants when he threw me in the back seat of his unmarked car. First time I'd even been picked surfer boy models up, didn't know what to expect but he didn't take me to police station but to a Mickey Ds about ten miles away. Older man was there and he introduced himself as Detective Miles Standish of the Juvenile Narcotic Squad out of police headquarters. Knew why hadn't recognized the cop who'd picked me up and he'd ignored the recognition signal. "Standish came right to the point. Had enough on me to guarantee Avalon until I was eighteen and maybe adult prison after. nude feen models When he started cute little ass routine I told him I'd been sucking cock for ten years and being fucked for eight so that didn't bother me. Think it threw him for second but he went on. Sources told them about deal going down and if I helped everything would go away. "Told them I needed a Big Mac Extra Value Meal with a Coke and some time to think. Reminded them if I got caught I was dead. They even super-sized the meal and an extra Big Mac. Got to teen model heels give him credit he knew how to treat kids." News reports started emerging from memory but I young models myusenet let Carlos tell the tale he had to tell. "I thought everything over slowly as I ate. kiddy models Tomas had recently recruited two new mules, both younger than me and with holes that hadn't been as used as mine. So figured my time with the Panthers was running out and I wasn't sure if they'd let me leave alive. So I decided to cooperate. "They offered to drop the charges and get me into a good foster home in the suburbs. All I had to do was tell them when and where, agreed to no wires. They didn't like that until told them that I had to be naked and ready when I was in the clubhouse." "So what went child model miniskirt wrong," I said after he'd paused for a bit. His head was still facing out the window but I don't think he was actually seeing anything. "Nothing and everything I guess. Found out the time and place and left the note how and where I was supposed to. Tomas never suspected. When he and Tommy Ray were getting ready to go Tomas told me to get dressed, I was going to hold bag with money. Ran to bathroom to take shit and wonder what to do, not that I had choice. "Meet was set for midnight at the main baseball diamond in Grover Park. They had me hide in the woods behind first base. Right on time the other guy shows up with two of his guys. They put suitcase down on bleachers right in front of me and opened it. Tommy Ray tested, tasted and nodded. Tomas raised his hand to give signal for me to come out. That's when the cops made their move. Tomas, Tommy Ray and Manuel along with the other three guys drew and 14yo model were killed along with two cops. I got scared, picked up money and ran deeper into the woods. Found a big old tree with hole in the trunk and climbed in then pulled bag in so nobody could see me move." "Heard them looking for me, calling my name but was too scared to move. Didn't know what they'd really do to me, maybe even kill me for the money and say gang member ran off with it. Became quiet and I fell asleep. In the morning I waited to make sure nobody was around and then slipped out and filled the hole with leaves. Walked slowly back to the clubhouse, when I got across the street lots were outside and when they saw me started screaming, Luis Grande pulled his gun out and fired but Jorge made sure he missed and said they needed me alive. Needed me alive to beat, torture and then kill after I talked, I knew that right away." "Without question," I said. "Turned ran and slipped into places they couldn't follow. Kept heading this way. Got to subway stop and got downtown. Got lucky met a boy I used to know working the streets, let me crash and showed me where to work. Unfortunately he went home on Sunday and told people who he'd met. Word got back to both gangs and the sellers people they poured on down. Twice or three times they got close enough to shoot warning shots but lucky for me they couldn't risk hitting me. Been hiding and running from Sunday to when you rescued me. That's the story." "Why didn't you call the cop? Must have given you phone number or some way to reach him in emergency." "Standish was teenkellymodel one of the cops who died and other cop was working out of Barrio precinct so too risky to call." "Money still safe?" Carlos shrugged, "Guess or why would they be looking for me?" "Blame you for the deaths. Think you know too much." "First the money, then revenge. Too much money, think a hundred." "A hundred thousand? They go to a shark for the money?" A nod. "Boy are you in trouble." "You want me to leave so you don't get hurt," Carlos said and I heard the choke in his voice. I pulled him into my arms. "I don't want you to leave, I'll never want you to leave. We will get you out of this, I promise you that." "Why?" The confusion and disbelief and fear and tears were overwhelming in that word. "I love you," I said then told him my story. Part 5 It was just after 6:30 when we walked out of theater after seeing Spiderman. Carlos said it was his first one in long time, if ever. He'd seen the ads so that's what he picked, and I didn't mind seeing it a second time. The best part though was the change in his appearance and attitude from three days earlier. The scared little boy in rags had slipped away, not gone I knew but out of sight for the moment. In teen model nackt his place was a well cleaned, groomed, and dressed teen that nobody who was searching for him would recognize. I hoped. Carlos' eyes darted everyplace we went. Hoped it was seeing sights in his hometown he'd never seen before but knew it was also looking for the bad guys. "Relax nephew, no baddies around." "Not even a mean perv whose going to fuck my ass tonight?" I knew it was a joke but surfer boy models was still stunned and stung by what he'd said. Carlos saw the expression on my face and maybe even me sag and he sort of dissolved into segments. One really wanted to run before I beat him. Another wanted to hug me, apologize and beg forgiveness for his adolescent model nude words. The final part was the street rat who was wondering why I couldn't hear and take a joke. That was the first to disappear, unfortunately by splitting and merging into the other sides instead of forming a strong majority to apologize. With effort he slowly walked back up to me and put his arms around my waist, rested his head on my stomach. I felt more than heard him crying. Knelt in front of him. "I'm not going to hurt you Carlos. vintage teen model I promised you that." "I know, I hurt you didn't I? Thought you'd know it was joke." I lifted his head so he was looking at me. "Knew it was a joke, really and I guess I am a boy loving innocent young models pervert but when you called me mean." "You aren't, really you aren't. brunette models I know that. You're probably least mean person I've ever known since Mom left. Just trying, trying," Carlos broke down into tears again. Sunday morning we woke with the television still going from the night before. I'd wanted to skip sex but Carlos insisted and I knew he needed it as an act of contrition, sign that he really didn't think I was mean. To be honest my reluctance lasted until his hot mouth encircled my soft cock. Didn't stay soft long either. Carlos crawled out of bed, pissed, turned the set off, got back into bed and backed onto my cock. And promptly fell back to sleep. When I got over my shock and disappointment I followed his example. I dreamed of another birthday campout. This one in Bobby's backyard to mark young models myusenet my next birthday. It'd been a little cool so we decided to go into the tent. To neither of our surprise Carlos was waiting for us already naked. Soon there were two naked fifteen-year-old boys plus a fourteen taking turns being sucked and sucking someone else. After a while Carlos got on his hands and knees and Bobby slowly inserted his cock into Carlos' mouth. I moved to Carlos' back and began rimming him. Once he was nice and loose I aimed my hard cock at his hole and my low hanging balls were quickly bouncing off his sweet smooth buns. Leaned over and started kissing Bobby, tongues met and danced. We broke the kiss and resumed stroking, trying to keep it slow, trying to make it last. From around Bobby's cock Carlos started humming Happy Birthday. This added vibration pushed Bobby over the edge causing Carlos to clench his ass as he swallowed which caused me to fill his ass with my cum. Biggest load I'd had to that point. And I felt my load exploding into the real Carlos' ass and caught his load in my hand. I had somehow started stroking him in my sleep. "Must have been a good dream. Hope I was in it," Carlos said. "Great dream, and you had a great ass in it," I said. "Glad it was you fucking me in it." "Me too. What you want to do today?" "Something fun so I stop thinking about tomorrow morning," Carlos said. I pulled him off me and sat his leaking ass on my stomach. For several minutes we just looked at each other. "I know what you told me, but never believed it. So don't worry," Carlos said. "That's what I thought you meant but I wanted you to say it," I said. "And now super nacked models you tell me another lie so you can fuck me again tonight. Don't bother, you can." "Nope, not going to lie to you. I'm going to give you two choices for tomorrow morning." "Fine." "First we leave together, I give you a hundred and leave you where I found you." "Good enough," Carlos spat. "The second is I leave you here in your new home with the code so you can come and go as you please once school is out." "How do you know I want get my old gang to come clean you out so they leave me alone?" "I feel it in my heart." "Really my choice?" Carlos asked. I nodded. "Why?" "Because Bobby's family took me in when I needed a home. Because I sensed something in you the second time I saw your tween bikini models face." "Second? What about first?" I grinned and hugged him. "The first time was when you were walking down the stairs and I saw this beautiful filthy angelic face." "Not so beautiful second time?" "Looking at you under the stairs you were still beautiful but scared." He nodded and opened his mouth to speak, then shrugged. "I understand and understood then. But there was something else I saw in you, or maybe felt. Knew you were more than just another street kid looking for trouble or a hustle," I took in a deep breath, "Please stay." There was a long period of silence, least it felt that way. I wondered if I had any clue of what I was getting myself into. The problems this could cause me, not to say the danger if somebody spotted Carlos. Decided I didn't, but didn't care. "I stay and try. Try make it work but don't know how to live like regular person. nudist nude models Try and feel new emotions too, like love, trust. Want it to work," Carlos said. I wanted to say something profound, or loving, really meaningful right then. "Cool," I said and we both smiled. "Hungry," Carlos said. "Then let's get dressed and go out for breakfast." The rest of Sunday was great, could see the kid in Carlos beginning to come out. Doing and enjoying things his grandparents if not his parents should have teen model nackt been doing with him. At home we cuddled but I could feel tension and fear building up inside him. Tried thinking of what to say but knew nothing would help so I just pulled him tighter. Carlos woke bikini model dressing with the alarm the next morning. The first time and nine minutes later after I'd hit the snooze. His eyes followed my every movement but he didn't get out of bed until I called him for breakfast. He came wearing gym shorts and ate quickly. By the time I finished my shower he was dressed. By the time I was ready to go he was antsy. Eyes darting between me and the door. "OK Carlos, before I go I told you I'd show you how the lock and alarm work. You ready or do you want to take notes." "You, you really meant it?" I smiled, "yep yep." He turned and ran towards his room. When he returned not only did he have pad and paper in hand he'd also changed back to just the 14yo model gym shorts. I went through the routine with him, even showed him how to bypass the motion detectors so he could turn the alarm on when he was home alone. The door took a little longer for him to master. As the superintendent told me when I moved in they called it a high security building because the tenants can't even get into their apartments.After a final hug I left. Spent the elevator ride down praying. Praying I wasn't making a big mistake. Praying he'd be safe. Praying that if he went out nobody chasing him would see him. Once again the subways were running late which only acerbated the fifteen minutes behind schedule I'd been when I was left the apartment. So naturally when child model miniskirt I walked in and the receptionist told me the boss said not to even bother going to my office but just right to his I figured the worst despite last Thursday's success. Mr. Morgan's door was open and he waved me right in and take a seat. He closed the door and told his secretary no interruptions. I started to relax because if he's yelling at you he loves everybody to hear it. "How you doing Charles? Enjoy your long weekend?" Mr. Morgan said which was strange since he never asks personal questions. "Really nice, did some shopping, movie, housework. How was yours?" "Fine, fine. Look, vintage teen model you know I prefer coming straight to the point so let's cut to the chase." I nodded, a little numb. No clue as to what was coming. "A position is available that I think you're perfect for. More responsibility including supervising other salespeople." "Thank you Sir," I said. "Not so fast, it requires a transfer and a fast one at that. Paul Vigoth just gave two weeks notice so we'll need our new Southwestern Regional Sales Manager out in Las Vegas by the weekend. Comes with a big raise and a kimberly teen model company car and we'll pay relocation expenses too. Still interested?" I sat back in shock. Pleasant shock mind you since I love Vegas and he knew it. Landlord would love me leaving my rent-controlled apartment since he could jack the rent up for a new tenant. No commitments, not involved with anybody. Carlos. What to do about Carlos? Bring him if he's willing of course. Get him far away from his problems. "Mr. Morgan I want the job but there may be a small complication." "What? Something super nacked models another $20,000 a year can't fix." "Actually that'll help a lot. See my cousin and his wife adopted a Hispanic boy a while back, he's fourteen now. Unfortunately they're having bad problems and he's been living with me for a few months and he'll have to come with me. Have to talk to Carlos and his parents first." "If they're willing neither I nor the company has a problem paying for his plane tickets vintage teen model as well. Can you let me know this afternoon?" "Sure, just want to go and ask him face-to-face before calling his parents. Know they won't be a problem," I said. "Then get going and if it's a go call me. Start getting things in motion and I'll see you in the morning. If he or his parents say no we'll work something out. I do want you out there and so does the old man," Mr. Morgan said. I did a quick check of my messages, returned a couple before slipping into John's office and giving him the news. He was happy for me, especially since it would open up a slot at the home office for him to go after. Told him I'd help if I could. Going down I picked up a soda in the lobby and walked to the subway, past the first entrance and to the second. Half my mind was excited at the opportunity the second kimberly teen model was developing a sales plan to use on Carlos. Then the realization that now I'd have to do things legally struck me. Luck kept coming my way and I saw a good-looking young lady looking over some legal papers. I took a chance and interrupted her. After giving her the story I'd given my boss she dug into her briefcase, suitcase was more like it, and dug out two kiddy models blank copies of the form. She showed me what had to be filled out and had to get everybody's signature notarized. "Then when you get to Vegas file one copy with family court just to be on the safe side," she said while getting off the stop before mine. My section's secretary was a notary and I gave her a call from the top of the stairs. First she yelled at me for not telling her and then congratulated me. I told her what I needed and after telling me she could lose her license would notarize it with the other signature already on it. Told her I loved her and would miss her terribly and hung up. Sat on a bench at the edge of the park and tried slowing my mind down. "What are you doing home? Don't trust me?" said Carlos clearly annoyed. "Would you believe I couldn't stand to be away from you?" "Nope." A hint of a smile. "Actually got some good news as soon as I got into work and we have to talk about it," I said. "Raise? Promotion?" "Both, with a catch. It involves a transfer to Las Vegas and." "I've got to go. No problem. Even believe you." "Want you to come with me. Even told my boss about you, revised story but about you and he's willing to pay for my adopted cousin's move as well." "So much so soon." "I know, for me too. I'll be honest it's a great opportunity for me, big promotion with a big raise and a car. For you it's out of here and not having to look over your shoulder. A whole new start where you can be Carlos Rivera the normal fourteen-year-old boy and not what you were." "There's a catch coming, isn't there? "Going to get you into a good school where you can use the brain of yours as well as you use your sexy buns. To make things easier here and when we get out there I'm going to need some kind of legal custody of you. Given the right situation lollita nn models and judge I might be able to go through the courts but we have to move by Friday if we're going to do this." "This Friday? Like the end of this week?" Carlos said. "I know, but we can pull this off. Look bottom line is I've got the forms and all I need is to fill them out and have your grandfather or grandmother sign them. Now since this will solve problems for them." "What kind tween bikini models of problems?" "Endangering the welfare of a child, child sexual abuse. You'd have to testify of course or they can sign the papers." "Let's go home so I can call grandmother. If she's there alone we can go now while grandfather is at work. Going to need car though. After that we can cruise by the park." I laughed and we headed back to the apartment. Carlos called and got his grandmother on the phone and broke into rapid Spanish. They went on for ten minutes or so. Carlos held the phone with his right hand and the left was waving all over the place. Finally Carlos extended the phone to me. "Her English is good, just more comfortable in Spanish." "What's her name?" "Maria." "Hello Maria. Carlos has explained kid pantyhose model everything to you? What he wants?" "I have one question Mr. you porn models Charles. Do you love my boy or just his ass? Don't be surprised I know what he's done." "A lot he didn't do willingly but because he had to. But I love him, all of him from his handsome body to his beautiful mind. Want to take him someplace where he can regain the childhood that was stolen from him." "By me?" "Carlos has never said anything bad about his grandmother. I swear." "Come as quick as you can. Do you have cell phone?" "Yes," I gave her the number. "Good, I will call that number in forty minutes and tell my grandson where we meet. May not be safe for him here. Bad people looking for him." "He knows that. God bless you Maria." "God bless you Charles. May my Carlos call you dad one day and not just lover," she hung up before I could respond. "What she say?" Carlos said. "Take the cell so she can call if we have to go someplace else. Let's go." I hit the speed dial on the phone as we walked to the elevator and told Tony at the corner garage I needed a car right away. Ten minutes later teen model scouts we were imagefap teen models on the way. Fortunately I knew my way to his general area because Carlos didn't have a clue how to do it outside of the subway. We were two exits away when my cell rang. Carlos answered and sighed with relief. "Grandma, where?" "Ok, I remember how," Carlos hung up the phone. "She's going to her kdz model brother's home. Two blocks closer and we go up the back alley and pull through the gate into the backyard." "Can he porn supermodel be trusted?" "Nobody messes with Tio Tony. No
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